Finding the right conference venue is harder than it may seem!

When you start looking for your conference venue, you must first and foremost keep in mind why you’re hosting this event and who is going to be there. What will they need from the venue, and how can you deliver that? I always start with these fundamental...
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Our Services

Full conference & event management

We’ll do it all, or we can work with your team or committee  to deliver exactly the event you want

Exhibition & sponsorship management

We’ll manage all your logistics and find your ideal sponsors so your exhibition runs like clockwork

Association and society management

We can support the management of your society, including all your member services, your finances, and compliance

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We’ll find your perfect venue — for free!

Finding the right venue for your event can be quite a challenge, so why not let us take care of that headache right now? At absolutely no charge! Yes, that’s right: hand over your search to the Conference Collective’s experienced venue finding team and we’ll do all the hard work for you — for free! Just fill in the form and we’ll take it from there…

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